After getting dental treatment done, I started having GI issues. For several months I suffered from all sorts of stomach related problems. Doctors in US suspected I may have some life threatening disease like cancer or something. They did numerous tests on me including Colonscopy (which is not at all fun!!!). It was the most difficult phase of my life. My quality of life became so poor. After spending thousands of dollars, they concluded I have IBS and for rest of my life, I will have to take anti- depressants, probiotics in pills form and fiber supplements. I am in early 30's and could not believe any of this stuff!!
I started to contact Homeopaths in India and to my surprise they were more interested in making money. They started to call me 3-4 times a day, just to check when will they get money. It was a sheer greed. Finally, I decided to try Dr Arminder's treatment. I sent him an email and he gave me the time to call, we had a chat for 30 minutes or so and he dispatched the medicine same day (without even taking the money!!!!). It was much later that I paid whereas, the other doctors wanted me to transfer the insane amount of money before they give me an appointment over the phone.
Within 3-4 days, I started to feel healthy and I am so glad that nightmare is over. The treatment has greatly improved my overall health .It didn't only help IBS but other health related issues too!!!. I strongly recommend his services.Thanks again Dr Arminder!!

--Ritu Bahel, USA

In all of my 26 yrs I had never believed in Homeopathy. But my husband being a strong supporter of Homeopathy, when I was suffering from extreme nausea & backache during my pregnancy, I took refuge in homoeopathy.
Initially I was a bit skeptical about the whole treatment as from childhood I had always believed that this science is nothing but sweet tablets. But as my symptoms improved I slowly became a convert. But when I was told by my able doctor, Dr Arminder that this medicine will have positive effect on my labour too. I was again my old reluctant self. But imagine my surprise when my first labour turned out to be a very short & smooth one. I am a total convert now. Whenever I don't feel well I just rush to Dr Arminder's clinic. I even get my child treated by him too.

--Mrs. Tripat Makkar, Chandigarh, India

I visted your office along with my wife Manmeet in January this year. She had severe migraine headache. Manmeet is on homeopathy treatment since then. She has taken the emergency dose as you advised her few days back when she called you and had discussion on phone. After that she is fine now. Now she is taking the regular medicine only. She is feeling much better after we came back from India and got your treatment. We were really very scared. Now we have 100% hope that she will be all fine.
Thanks for giving her a new life.

--D. S Dhillon, Husband of Manmeet Dhillon, Canada

I had urticaria for 16 years. No medicine proved helpful in the long run. Since i have started taking your medicine my urticaria has disappeared. I am really thankful to you.

--Mr. Peter Parker, New Jersey, USA

I am very happy with your medicine.The spots on my skin are improving and there are no new appearances.I feel more confident now.Thank you so much.

--Mr. M.Ross,Liverpool, UK