About Doctors

Dr. Arminder Singh and Dr Ekjot Kaur

Dr. Arminder Singh is a dynamic homeopath from India. He is an ardent student of classical Homeopathy. He is a registered degree holder (B.H.M.S.) from Homeopathic medical college Chandigarh, India. An honest, humble and hardworking physician, he has  23 years  experience of treating many patients from India and abroad. Dr Arminder Singh is a Senior faculty of PREACH, a Homeopathic organisation. He has been guiding young doctors and students by conducting seminars, lectures and clinical training.

Dr Ekjot Kaur is a classical Homeopath by heart. She is a degree holder (B.H.M.S.) from Homeopathic medical college Abohar, Punjab, India. She specialises in treatment of children and female patients.

Know more

Dr. Arminder Singh and Dr. Ekjot Kaur are both practicing Homeopaths with a large practice in Chandigarh, India. Their reputation as skilled and best practitioners have drawn more and more patients from India and abroad. They have treated numerous patients from U.S.A., Canada, England, Australia and other countries.

Dr.Arminder and Dr.Ekjot feel privileged to be associated and learn from renowned doctors of India, Dr. Surmeet Singh Mavi, Dr Prafull Vijayakar and Dr Didar Singh.This website was developed to improve and standardise the communication over the Internet with the growing number of patients from different parts of India and overseas. And also to inform the netizens the best benefits Homeopathy has to offer.

Why Choose Us

 The foundation upon which we approach our patients is based on the fact that the root cause of every disease lies not only in the observable sickness and its symptoms, the pathological reports but also in our lifestyle over the years, the pattern of our thinking, our behaviour and our reaction to the stressful times we had to face in life.

  • Comprehensive consultation

    Our consultation involves an in-depth study of patient’s medical history, lifestyle, mental and emotional health with an aim to uncover the probable cause behind sickness.

  • Custom health plans

    We provide discretion to our patients to choose a treatment plan that is suited to their current health status and location.

  • Thorough analysis and evaluation

    Based on our expertise, each case history is thoroughly evaluated and an appropriate diagnosis and proper treatments are provided to our esteemed patients.

  • Affordable to all

    Our treatment not only heals the patients but are also cost effective and affordable to all.

  • Repair the immune system

    Our medicines not only improve the presenting symptoms and disease but also boost immunity and improve general health, allergic tendencies, sleep, appetite, and energy levels.

  • Focus on the Whole

    Our mode of treatment aims to improve the constitutional health and heal the patients holistically.