A case of urticaria with allergic rhinitis

This is the case of a lady aged 40 years with Urticaria
since 6 years aggravated by anxiety and thinking. She had to take antiallergic drugs frequently for the same.


Along with this she also complained of:

  • Sneezing with running nose aggravated in morning
  • Pain in small joints of hands, ameliorated by warmth and pressure
  • Recurrent sore throats with feverish sensation, accompanied by weakness and bitter taste in mouth

Past medical History:

  • Rheumatic fever


She was basically an introverted lady with a very scientific,racing mind. She was a logical thinker. She would go into depth of each subject she studies. She was a topper throughout her academic career. She was a perfectionist.
She had a complaint of claustrophobia; fear that she will be suffocated. She
was very time bound, always anxious about time. She couldn’t stand any disorder.
She couldn’t tolerate cold weather.

Medicine prescribed:

After a detailed anaysis
of her case she was prescribed a dose of a homeopathic remedy called
ARSENIC ALBUM 1M and she was
called after 1 week for her follow up.

Follow ups:

First follow up after 1 week – she complained of increased
sneezing and nasal discharge.
In her next follow up after 15 days her urticaria and
her joint pains were much better and with each subsequent
visits her condition got better with no complaints left.

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