A Case Of Profuse Menstruation

A lady aged 46 yrs with complaint of profuse uterine bleeding, having clots for the past one month. Her Hemoglobin was reduced to 5 gm/dl.


Associated complaints:

  • Breathlessness on walking
  • Climbing stairs
  • Weakness
  • Sleepiness
  • Leucorrhoea
  • White thick discharge
  • Cracks on heels.

Past History:

High fever with septicemia 8 months back. She was given lots of medicines for that.


A very anxious person by nature. Always anxious about her health. Very fastidious, particular about cleanliness. A reserved person by nature but having fear of being alone. Hurry haste to finish her work.

Other Physical symptoms:

  • Traveling sickness
  • Very sensitive to cold weather
  • Desire: salty food , juices
  • Thirst less

Medicine prescribed:

Arsenic album 200

Follow ups:

With in 10 days of medicine she had some loose stools, her clots were reduced though bleeding was marginally reduced.
On her next visit after 15 days her bleeding was much reduced with almost negligible clots.
With each subsequent visit her bleeding totally stopped and gradually weakness and breathlessness was much better, with rise in blood hemoglobin levels.

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