A Case Of Migraine

This is the case of a lady aged 36 years with severe Migraine since 10 years.
She used to have severe Headache accompanied by vomiting. Headache ameliorated by pressing the root of nose.. Severe headaches would prevent her from all daily activities. Once triggered it would continue for days with no relief even by painkillers.


Along with this she also complained of:

  • Scanty menstruation

Past medical History:

  • Backache
  • Anal Fissure
  • Low blood pressure


The lady was very extroverted, social person. She was a very emotional person having an intuitive nature. Her memory was very sharp. She couldn’t tolerate tight clothing. She couldn’t tolerate hot weather. Her headaches were aggravated by smell of coffee.

Medicine prescribed:

After a detailed analysis of her case she was prescribed a dose of a homeopathic remedy called LACHESIS 200 and she was called after 10 days for her follow up.

Follow ups:

First follow up after 10 days – She had her menses which were better regarding flow and intensity of her headaches was also better.
With each further follow ups, her frequency and intensity of headaches got reduced. There was transient recurrence of her old complaint of backache which passed away shortly. .

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