A case of left ventricular hypertrophy

Name: Mr. Sushil Kumar

Age: 30 yrs
C/O Sudden pain in region of heart aggravated by deep breathing. Pain was felt like an electric current.

Patient also complained of pain in heart aggravated by lying on left side.

C/O Palpitation of heart aggravated by exertion.

C/O Dryness of mouth.

C/O Total loss of taste

Appetite: Normal

Thirst: Normal

Thermal reaction: Patient more sensitive to hot weather

Perspiration: Profuse

Mental state:
Patient was very sad with loathing of life and no desire to live.
Very angry with his children with desire to kill them but felt very guilty after his outbursts of anger.
Had lot of guilt feelings if he was not able to go to work.
Patient was very expressive and talkative.

Medicine prescribed:

He was prescribed Sulphur 200

Follow ups:

With in a week he felt better regarding his piercing pains.There was gradual improvement regarding his palpitation in coming weeks and he had occasional episodes of pain on exertion, which slowly faded away. He became much better regarding his mental state and felt much happier and also could control his anger.

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