Chidren allergy treatment Homeopathy

An allergy is a basic hypersensitiveness, it is a reaction of the immune system to various environmental triggers like pollens, molds etc, which do not bother most other people.Children who have allergies often are sensitive to more than one thing.

If the child is having cold like symptoms — runny nose, watery eyes, cough, nasal congestion, sneezing etc for more than a week to ten days , he is most likely suffering from allergy.


Nasal allergy (Allergic rhinitis):
Child always has stuffy or running nose.

Child is constantly rubbing, wiggling or wiping the nose

The mucus that drains from child’s nose is clear and thin (unlike yellow greenish and thick in common cold)

Child sneezes a lot

Eyes (Allergic conjunctivitis):

There is itching, redness and watering of the eyes..

The skin under the eyes may look dark, purple or blue.


Child may suffer from dry cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing (dyspnoea), and sometimes-outright attacks of asthma


Allergic symptoms of skin presents as various rashes like eczema, hives( urticaria), irritation, itchy, broken red skin.


Headaches though uncommon but sometimes occur due to allergies.


As mentioned above an allergy is a reaction of the immune system to an environmental substance. When a child suffering from allergy comes into contact with these substances, known as an allergen — either by touching, breathing, eating, or having it injected, it acts as a triggering agent, which excites the immune system to release histamines and other chemicals as a reaction. These chemicals irritate the body and cause symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itching, and coughing etc
Allergens: The most common allergens are: dust, woolens, molds, pollens, animal dander, perfumes, various foods like shellfish, peanuts, eggs, milk, wheat etc.


Some systems of medicine advocate Anti-histamines to cure the all forms of allergies. Homoeopathy believes that such drugs merely suppress or palliate the allergy and rarely cure it.
Homoeopathy is a science that does not depend only on the diagnosis of the diseases. For most of the other therapeutic sciences treatment depends only on diagnosis. In Homeopathy equal importance is given to the patient as well as his suffering. This means when other sciences aim at treating Disease in Man, Homoeopathic science at the very inception, has been devised to treat the Man in disease. In simple terms Homeopathy aims to treat the inner man that is his immune system thereby treating the root cause of his disease, which is a weak immune system. The system of homoeopathy works on the principle of taking every patient as a different entity with different medicine based on the symptoms therefore, a doctor should be consulted before taking medicines.

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