Acne treatment Homeopathy

Acne or any other skin disease is a representation of an internal turbulance and not just an external disease. Medically acne is a disorder of skin resulting due to blocking of pores of skin called pilosebaceous units ( pilo- means related to hair and sebaceous- means related to sebum or oil). These pores contain hair follicles and oil secreating glands which lubricate the hairs and skin. When there is plugging of these pores, it leads to accumulation of sebum and bacteria begins to grow . Inflammation may set in in reponse to the bacterial growth.
Although acne is a disorder assosiated with teenagers but it can occur at any age of life. Acne usually appear on face, neck, back and chest due to the abundance of pilosebaceous units in these areas.



studies have shown that increase in level of the male hormone testosterone can cause acne. There is an upsurge of testosterone in adolescence both in males and females. Too much of testosterone cause excessive secreation of sebum which leads to blockage of pores.
During pregnancy and menopause changes in hormones leads to an imbalance in the levels of testosterone and can result in acne. Many women complain of increase in acne with relation to menses. Starting or stopping of oral contraceptives may also lead to acne in some.


Stress plays a major role in development of various physical disorders. Emotional disturbance can often lead to improper secreation of hormones.


Pollution, humidity and other enviormental factors can contribute but may not be causative of acne.


Acne are usually present mostly on face, neck, chest and back due to abundance of pilosebaceous units in these areas. Acne may be present in following forms:


There is clogging of the skin pore with trapping of sebum inside but it is not exposed to the skin. These appear as small white dots on skin.


These are the exposed contents of the previously clogged skin pore. It appears as black dots due to the deposition of the skin pigment melanin.


When inflammation sets up in the skin pore, it leads to pimples. These are red and raised eruptions and may contain pus.

In severe cases acne may lead to formation of cysts, scarring or deep pittting on face.


1. Lotions and ointments: Any application of external ointment or lotion in a skin disease is a mere suppression of the tip of iceberg. Acne or any other skin disease is a resultant of an internal disturbance be it the improper secreations of hormones or lowered immunity which attracts the bacteria and virus to cause skin lesions. Supression of skin disease by external agents may either lead to a more severe internal disorder or another severe outburst of the same skin disease later in life.

2. Picking of eruptions may lead to infection and can cause marks or scarring. So picking should be avoided.


As mentioned earlier, any skin disease represents an internal turbulance be it the improper secreations of hormones or lowered immunity which attracts the bacterias and virus to cause skin lesions. So the homeopathic treatment aims to cure the internal turbulance and the cause behind the apparent disease. More often than not the external skin disease or any other visible disease is accompanied by a diseased state of mind e.g. lack of confidence, timidity, anxietis, fears, depression etc. Mind and body are a part of one indivisible unit. The way we behave, our temprament, emotional disturbances in life etc have a bearing on the physical being and leads to various ailments. A homeopathic remedy is selected considering the emotional state of the patient, the probable causative factors (physical or mental), general state of body and all the diseased symptoms of the body. By rasing the immunity of the body same medicine is capable of eradicating various diseases present in the body at a time.