Case Studies


This is the case of a girl aged 16 years with severe pain in abdomen starting one day before and continuing for first two days of menses. Pain used to be severe preventing her from normal activity and accompanied by nausea and loss of appetite.

Along with this she also complained of:

  • Myopia with pain in eyes on straining


She was a very timid and mild girl, having fear of darkness. She would wake up at night if light is switched off.
A reserved person by nature, especially shy in front of strangers. She was very good in studies, always studied on her own, with lots of anticipatory anxiety before exams.
She couldn’t tolerate cold weather.

Medicine prescribed:

After a detailed analysis of her case she was prescribed a dose of a homeopathic remedy called SILICEA 1M and she was called after 1 month for her follow up.

Follow ups:

First follow up after 1 month - She had pain in abdomen but during first day of menses only.
During her second visit, she had a rash over her arms which disappeared in a short duration. With subsequent follow ups her menstrual pain reduced slowly and she started having normal periods with some improvement in her myopia too.


A lady aged 46 yrs with complaint of profuse uterine bleeding, having clots for the past one month. Her Hemoglobin was reduced to 5 gm/dl.

Associated complaints:

  • Breathlessness on walking
  • Climbing stairs
  • Weakness
  • Sleepiness
  • Leucorrhoea
  • White thick discharge
  • Cracks on heels.

Past History:

High fever with septicemia 8 months back. She was given lots of medicines for that.


A very anxious person by nature. Always anxious about her health. Very fastidious, particular about cleanliness. A reserved person by nature but having fear of being alone. Hurry haste to finish her work.

Other Physical symptoms:

  • Traveling sickness
  • Very sensitive to cold weather
  • Desire: salty food , juices
  • Thirst less

Medicine prescribed:

Arsenic album 200

Follow ups:

With in 10 days of medicine she had some loose stools, her clots were reduced though bleeding was marginally reduced. On her next visit after 15 days her bleeding was much reduced with almost negligible clots.
With each subsequent visit her bleeding totally stopped and gradually weakness and breathlessness was much better, with rise in blood hemoglobin levels.


This is a case of 46 years old man suffering from hemolytic anemia with hemangioma of liver.

Associated complaints:

  • Excessive weakness+++ on least exertion, walking, talking.
  • Breathlessness on talking, walking and exertion.
  • Black stools
  • Cramps in legs.
  • Occasional bleeding from nose.

Past History:

  • Renal stones
  • Jaundice
  • Anal Fissure


He was a very emotional person. His problem started after he had a financial set back and he was dependent on his brother for upbringing of his family. This made him feel very guilty. He was a very helpful and benevolent person by nature. Felt he was an unwanted person in his family. He had lost all interest in work or any pleasure activities.

Physical symptoms:

  • Very sensitive to hot weather./li>
  • Couldn’t tolerate sun and especially sunlight which gave him headaches.
  • Sensitive to strong odors.
  • Desire: cold drinks+++
  • Aversion: sweets+, milk++

Medicine prescribed:

He was prescribed Nat-Mur 200

Follow ups:

He felt much better within 15 days of medicine.
His nose bleeding totally stopped, stool became normal in color. With in a month of medicine his weakness and breathlessness were much better. Mentally he felt much better and he started working and felt happier. He is still under my treatment, feeling much better. His hemoglobin has raised from 7.3gm/dl to 12gm/dl. His liver function tests also show marked improvement.


Name: Mr. Sushil Kumar

Age: 30 yrs
C/O Sudden pain in region of heart aggravated by deep breathing. Pain was felt like an electric current.
Patient also complained of pain in heart aggravated by lying on left side.
C/O Palpitation of heart aggravated by exertion.
C/O Dryness of mouth.
C/O Total loss of taste

Appetite: Normal

Thirst: Normal

Thermal reaction: Patient more sensitive to hot weather

Perspiration: Profuse

Mental state: Patient was very sad with loathing of life and no desire to live.
Very angry with his children with desire to kill them but felt very guilty after his outbursts of anger.
Had lot of guilt feelings if he was not able to go to work.
Patient was very expressive and talkative.

Medicine prescribed:

He was prescribed Sulphur 200

Follow ups:

With in a week he felt better regarding his piercing pains.There was gradual improvement regarding his palpitation in coming weeks and he had occasional episodes of pain on exertion, which slowly faded away. He became much better regarding his mental state and felt much happier and also could control his anger.


Within 3-4 days, I started to feel healthy and I am so glad that nightmare is over. The treatment has greatly improved my overall health. It didn't only help IBS but other health related issues too!!!. I strongly recommend his services. Thanks again Dr Arminder !

Ritu Bahel



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